UAV Playground

UAV Playground lets you gain an understanding for the various aspects of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) like microcontrollers, simulators and remote controlled model airplanes.

As UAV Playground is a toolbox of interfaces and GUI components based on Processing, the example seen on the left is just one of the various possible applications. It's called UAVsim and provides an environment to simulate a simple autopilot.

For more information and the source code visit the Google code page.

Simple Serialization

SimpleSerialization lets you serialize and deserializie simple objects in Java, C++ or C to streams. The serial streams can be used to send data via a serial connection.

Currently a library for the Arduino microcontroller is implemented so that a Java application and an Arduino can communicate via the serial interface.

The SimpleSerilaization library could for example be used to debug and remote control an Arduino or to do a hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

To download the source code visit the Google code page.

The software projects listed here are all under the GNU Lesser General Public License. You can download the code and use it in your own projects for free - commercial and non commercial. However if you find the projects or its code useful we would appreciate your donation. Thanks!